◒Dear friends,
“How lucky am I to have something that makes saying goodbye so hard"
- Winnie
Things have really changed in my life these months and sometimes not everything is for the better. Im in college, jumpstarting my academics along with a makeup and acting career. I've really reached a point on running this blog where it's become quite the chore for me. I constantly put things in my queue when I have time and it's become a rather annoying task for me. My blog used to have constant edits, gifs, interactions and reblogs. Now its hard for me to even reblog. I dont really post anything personal on here anymore, much less any personal text posts or selcas. I just wanted to let you guys know this blog will be shut down to infinite hiatus.

Other than a few reblogs of things I want to keep every now and then, i just want you guys to know im not putting this blog on high maintenance like i used to. Im sure some of my faithful followers have seen me around rarely and i just thought it was about time. Ive had this blog since about March of last year i think, and im more than grateful for the amount of follwers i gained. X,xxx. Im just really hoping you guys want to come follow me to personal blog where im pretty much always up to date with things in my life.

I seriously wish you all well. Dont be afraid to shoot me a message every now and then. This blog is connected to all my others and will NEVER BE DELETED. Best wishes, darlings.
- Vincent

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